A Sight Problem

After spending time with the Lord this morning, I believe that He put something on my heart that I want to share with any of you readers.

Worry and fret is a sight problem.  We (I) have taken my eyes off the Lord, and placed them on the problem.  In that I am letting the “problem” dictate my mood, or my outlook.

Since I have started mentoring leaders and future leaders and missionaries, I realize that they fight this “sight problem” as well.  We are looking through the lenses of another, who does not see the Lord, high and lifted up.  The maker of the universe is in charge, not any other, unless we give “him” that charge.

When we are looking at “circumstances, or the future, based on limits we see with our looking down” today, we will miss the joy that He has provided for today.  Let us rejoice and be glad, for this is the “day” He has made.  He came that we might have Life and that Life abundantly.  Am I living that abundant life today?  What measurement are you using for the word “abundant”?

Jesus lived the “abundant” life!  He never lacked anything of true riches.  He was constantly looking up to see and hear from His Father.  He did all He came to do when He died on the cross.  He paid “in full” the debts that were held against us that would bring us to the debtors prison, called “hell”.  When Jesus breathed His last breath, He said; “It is finished!”  He paid the price in full and we can do nothing else to earn our salvation.  He did it all!

It is when we surrender our “self” focus and place our eyes on “Jesus” our Shepherd, that we can then live that life that is abundant.  A life full of joy!

Have you ever looked at someone with superiority because you have more than they in earthly finances or things?  I did many years ago until I received my “sight” at the cross.

The story goes like this:  While growing up in a middle class neighborhood, very religious, but no joy, I would get irritated at the neighborhood children who were forced out of their home in the early morning hours.  They were considered quite poor and I do remember my parents helping them to purchase Christmas presents, even though we had little ourselves.  These children would enter the yard running for the swingset.  Once on the swings, they sang the same ole song over and over again; “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.  Little ones to Him belong.  They are weak, but He is strong.”  I heard this same song over and over and had become quite irritated.  How could they sing that Jesus loves them, when they don’t have anything.  How can they always be in such a great mood and sing in the midst of their poverty.

Over the next years, my life became further and further from one who was joyful.  I never felt my parents love through a hug or words of praise or encouragement.  I felt alone, even though I lived in a family of nine children.  My graduation from High School was not a celebration like my two siblings who had graduated before me.  They were not only the “high achievers” with grades, but they had achieved high status with my parents because they had gone onto the Seminary and Convent.  That was the ultimate arrival in my parents eyes, and one that I couldn’t do.  For you see I had been sexually molested on a train ride returning home at Christmas time from the convent.  I had gone there following my sister, because I wanted my parents affirmation.  But due to that incident, I felt dirty and unqualified to continue.  So I lived with my shame and my secret for many years.

I had developed a “sight problem”.  I was looking at these children, but my eyes were “blind”.  I could not see the Jesus that they loved and sang about daily.  All I could see was the earthly things.

Years later, after much heartbreak due to “poor sight” which brought about “poor decisions”, I had a friend share with me about this “Jesus” and that He wanted a personal relationship with me, not only Him, but also His Father.  He said that Jesus came to die, that I might enter into His presence and have the opportunity to see things from “His perspective” rather than the one that I had grown up with.

I will never forget the day that this friend handed me a small “tract, entitled: Four Spiritual Laws”.  It was these simple but profound truths that brought hope in my life for the first time that would be everlasting.  I placed my hope, my life, in the hands of my Savior on April 21, 1977.  That is when I too began to see with new eyes, and hear with new ears, and follow after the one who loved me enough to die for me.  It truly was “At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away.  It was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day!” I love the old hymns because they express being lost, and then meeting the one who came with “Amazing Grace” into my life, and it truly started NEW!

I have walked many years and many miles later, and I know when I lose sight of Him, I need to return to the cross.  I need to return to my first love!  I am asking if any of you need to know this First Love, or need to return.  God has created us in His image, and He is not a loser!  He Wins!  I win, when I keep my eyes on Him.  He not only knows the way, but HE is THe WAY!  Keep focused and you will never lose!

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1 Response to A Sight Problem

  1. celina Dowe says:

    Great writing. We must keep Jesus in sight to make it through-For He is our all in all and can only fill and satisfy us!

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